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Available and suitable locations around Leicestershire

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Hybrid Event Studio

Address: Premier UK Events Ltd, Unit 2, Rookery Lane, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 8AU

Contact: Ben McCarthy


The Studio

The focal point of the studio is a 10m wide curved LED video wall, this 4k display will showcase your... (More)

369 Studios

Address: 7 Woodboy St, Leicester LE1 3NJ

Contact: @David Hardware

Website: 369 Studios

Studios Available

Chroma Key Room

22' by 10' by 8' green screen with HANGING GLIDING HARNESS, SWINGS, FURNITURE, high powered fans

40' Sound Stage

White Room

Dirty... (More)

Joey Lever
Finding the perfect location: There were 5 locations I needed, A Big space for me to create a fort, a forest, a church, a house and open grassy space. Everything actually was super easy to find, Many places like St... (More)