Customising your Profile


This guide will explain how you can change your profile picture, your job role or anything else about you.

Accessing your Profile

There are two ways to access your profile:

  1. The first way is to click the circular image in the top right of the navigation and then click 'Profile' from the dropdown.
  2. The second way, when you're new to the platform is to click the box to the right of the main feed and follow the checkbox to familiarise yourself with the platform.

Editing your Profile

When you are on your profile page, click the 'Edit Profile' button to make changes.

Profile Picture

You can click 'Upload' or drag and drop an image over the existing image to set a profile picture.


Keep your username as your name or some variation of your name (i.e. 'your_name') so that others can know who they are addressing.


For 'Title' enter your main job role, such as 'Editor', 'Camera Operator / Cinematographer' or 'Aspiring Filmmaker'. This makes your role easily searchable within the platform. Being vague may hinder your chances of being found on Film Leicester.

About You

Let others know more about you, what you do, what you enjoy, your successes and ambitions. Finding like-minded people is core to Film Leicester, so take some time to let others know more about you. Use this section to link to your 'Service Listing' post.


Just like your profile picture, you can upload a banner image to be displayed on your profile. Choose a behind the scenes image or a screenshot from your latest work. Get creative!


Adding Social Profiles

Clicking on the 'Social Media' tab when on the 'Edit Profile' screen will allow you to add your website link and social handles to your profile. These will appear on the bottom right of your Profile's header.


Remember to save your changes!