Request a Feature

Request a Feature

I have an idea for a new feature, how do I let you know?

We like to remain open and transparent with where we are taking this platform. We would like to see Film Leicester as an invaluable tool and resource for our users, so your feedback is essential to improving our service.

We encourage our users to make suggestions on how to improve our platform for things such as:

  • New feature ideas
  • Improvements on UX/UI design
  • Suggestions for improving existing features

We will gladly acknowledge users whose ideas which are implemented within our documentation and on the platform. Your continued suggestions are important for all of our users.

Feature Submission

We ask you to submit your idea via our Helpdesk as we may need to get in touch with you. New features and updates are listed on our Helpdesk too, so if your idea makes it onto the platform we’ll make sure you’re credited!