Community Standards

Community Standards

Everyday, people come to Film Leicester to share, to learn and to support one another along their filmmaking journeys.

We understand the road to success is rarely easy, and can often depend on the help that you can receive from friends, colleagues and total strangers to get you there.

This is why we firmly believe in the mantra of we work together, we grow together.

The spirit of this community is to share each other’s successes, help each other through failure and to grow and improve together.
Film Leicester’s platform is here to provide all of our users with the community and resources needed to connect and collaborate with each other and create as many opportunities for success as we can.

We have listened to our community at all levels and learned a lot about what has worked and what hasn’t worked over the years. These Community Standards are here to ensure we are able to build from previous achievements and move forward collectively in the strongest manner possible.

Last Updated: 15/01/21