We work together.
  We grow together.

Film Leicester are here to make Leicestershire a destination for Film & TV Production.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process which can often require many people to participate in a production.

Our platform is here to enable Leicestershire’s filmmakers and talent to support and collaborate with one another so that Leicester can be known for producing some of the best independent films in the world.

The members in the community have understood that by leaving their ego at the door, they have allowed more opportunities for the group to develop, whatever their skill level may be. This means that the support offered to those starting out their careers is as valued as those who’ve been around in the industry for years.

Need help with your script? Perhaps you urgently need a crew for tomorrow? Our community makes it easy to find the services, locations and resources you need on your production by putting you in touch directly with the people who can help.

‘We work together, we grow together.’


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