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Maintenance Update

As Film Leicester is currently in BETA, you're probably expecting some bugs and features to be added or changed whilst we improve things under the bonnet.

We're really excited about some of our upcoming features, as they will allow you to interact with our film community and resources in a way that's not been seen or experienced before in Leicester.

Our hope is that Film Leicester will provide you with everything you need to make films. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunities to learn and develop new skills with like-minded people who together want to put Leicester's amazing creatives on the map.

First though, we need to make sure this platform can work at its best.

This notice is to let you all know that there will be some scheduled maintenance next week which may leave a loss of service for up to 24 hours. Expected date will be Thursday 13/08/20.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Film Leicester Team

Oscar liked a year ago

So Why Film Leicester?

What is Film Leicester about?

Film Leicester’s philosophy is that it’s better to work together than on your own. Filmmaking is a collaborative process which can often require many people to participate in a production.

Our platform is here to... (More)

Charlie liked 7 months ago

Early BETA Access

What is Early BETA Access?

Film Leicester is up and running, but is still not 100% where we'd like it to be. Early BETA testers have been encouraged to join to test out Film Leicester to find any bugs or... (More)

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Johnny Kinch
Writer, actor, producer, director
Hi one and all this is my first post, I'm looking for crew and equipment to bring my motion picture alive. The script is ready, the cast are ready ish, and most locations are already locked down. I am looking... (More)
Kiran updated a month ago
Quick Post
I have a used fully working Vinten Vision 5 LF Head 100 mm ball with pan handle looking to Sell all offers are welcome (it's not available anymore thanks for your interest)